Swimming Pools

Shearings is the licensed pool builder for Mayfair Swimming Pools for the Canterbury region.  Using the unique Mayfair system we are able to build any size or shape pool from a small indoor pool through to large commercial pools. As a division of the construction group, we have the advantage of full control over the pool building process,  from excavation to landscaping and paving the finished product.

We are happy to discuss and advise on all aspects of the swimming pool design, construction, fencing, paving, heating, filtration and sanitation.   


Established reputation for outstanding design and quality construction of free form fibreglass pools. All pools are custom designed and built on site, using a patented and licensed system of fibreglassing. A unique system of swimming pool construction which is designed to withstand the problems caused by earthquakes and ground movement. Great flexibility over the depth, shape, colour and location of the pool on site, from congested areas to sloping cliff top sites and soft grounds. 

Mayfair Pools are the leaders in swimming pool design and technology.  For a free swimming pool consultation and quote, contact us today.

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